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Reenactment Locations Needed

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Here's a list of locations and short descriptions of how they will be used in the film. I'm hoping to find close to Averill Park NY District Attorney Jarvis O'Brien's office was located in the Rensselaer County Court House. It likely had large windows, large wooden doors, wainscot panels halfway up its plaster walls. I've found two

Reenactment Props & Wardrobe Needed

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There are two places I hope to use a boat like this. Crystal Lake was located a few hundred yards from the Averill Park Trolley. The postcard with boats on the dock shows Crystal Lake. This spot was known for renting boats for leisure time on the lake. Like the photo below. I'd like to represent that

Crew Needed for Reenactment Shooting 2018

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Yes, we need a crew! I'm looking for a few experienced crew members and passionate people looking for experience. Beware, this a self-funded, independent film project! Those of you who are experienced realize this means I don't much money. But, I do have the ability to bring experienced people in where I need them and schedule accordingly.

Author Ron Hughes Saved Me from the Devil

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Sooner or later every documentary filmmaker finds themselves sinking in details. For me it was hundreds of 1908 Newspaper articles. I'm seasoned veteran so I didn't think it would paralyze me, but unfortunately, it did. Yup I was in deep overwhelm hell but thank god, Author Ron Hughes saved me from the devil. See the Video

What Unspoken Illness Brought Hazel to William Taylor’s Farm?

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https://vimeo.com/260337766 During the Winter of 1907-08, an unspoken illness brought nineteen-year-old Hazel Drew to her uncle's farm on Taborton Mountian. As the snow fell and the temperatures dropped below zero, Hazel stayed bedridden for almost a month. She was being cared for by her sister-in-law Eva. Also at the house was her brother Joseph and her

David Bushman – Discovering Hazel Drew

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In this video, "Twin Peaks FAQ" author, David Bushman shares how he first learned of Hazel Drew Twin Peaks connection from the series co-creator, Mark Frost. Marks  casual reference  to Hazel as the inspiration behind Laura Palmer was enough to get David digging for more. David also makes an interesting connection between Hazel Drew and