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Author Ron Hughes Saved Me from the Devil

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Sooner or later every documentary filmmaker finds themselves sinking in details. For me it was hundreds of 1908 Newspaper articles. I'm seasoned veteran so I didn't think it would paralyze me, but unfortunately, it did. Yup I was in deep overwhelm hell but thank god, Author Ron Hughes saved me from the devil. See the Video

What Unspoken Illness Brought Hazel to William Taylor’s Farm?

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https://vimeo.com/260337766 During the Winter of 1907-08, an unspoken illness brought nineteen-year-old Hazel Drew to her uncle's farm on Taborton Mountian. As the snow fell and the temperatures dropped below zero, Hazel stayed bedridden for almost a month. She was being cared for by her sister-in-law Eva. Also at the house was her brother Joseph and her

David Bushman – Discovering Hazel Drew

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In this video, "Twin Peaks FAQ" author, David Bushman shares how he first learned of Hazel Drew Twin Peaks connection from the series co-creator, Mark Frost. Marks  casual reference  to Hazel as the inspiration behind Laura Palmer was enough to get David digging for more. David also makes an interesting connection between Hazel Drew and

Should I Make this Documentary?

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Every idea and any project should be properly vetted before jumping in. This video reflects that evaluation process in a very preliminary and raw form. I'm at the wishy washy stage and wondering if should I make this documentary? Last time that I undertook a big project I promised myself that I was going to be

Documentary Project Update and Peek Into the Movie Trailer – December, 2017

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After months of shooting I'm finally editing and working on the "Who Killed Hazel Drew"documentary project trailer and story structure. This will be the first of a series of project updates. https://vimeo.com/245442880 2017 - I began shooting this documentary less then one month from learning of the connection between Hazel Drew's murder and Twin Peaks world famous main character Laura Palmer.

Hazel Drew Murder – Interview with Kathy T. Sheehan – Why were 10,000 women coming to Troy, New York?

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Trolley at Averill Park Station - Near 1908 Teal Pond Murder of Hazel Drew

In this interview Rensselaer County and Troy City Historian, Kathy T. Sheehan sheds light on who killed Hazel Drew. Kathy sheds light on what it was like to move within the power circles of Troy, New York. https://vimeo.com/249083905 By 1860 Troy was one of the wealthiest cities in the nation. It still has some of