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Reenactment Locations Needed

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Here’s a list of locations and short descriptions of how they will be used in the film. I’m hoping to find close to Averill Park NY

Office for District Attorney

District Attorney Jarvis O’Brien’s office was located in the Rensselaer County Court House. It likely had large windows, large wooden doors, wainscot panels halfway up its plaster walls.

I’ve found two possible locations that would be close to ideal but on maybe be sold and unavailable and the other maybe cost prohibitive. Here are a few photos that illustrate what I’m looking for.

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White Farmhouse interior and exterior

I’m looking for a “simple” farmhouse exterior with a porch. Nothing fancy or upper class. Ideally, the property would also have a barn. The actual farmhouse could be distressed.

This house would play as Hazel’s Uncle William Taylor’s home. We would be shooting exterior scenes and if any portion of the interior was passable for the early 1900’s I would consider using it for a few interior shots.

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Bedroom in a summer camp. To be used in a 1960 reenactment scene.

I’m looking for a room I could turn into a 1960’s bedroom at a summer home. This would be located in upstate New York. This room would play as the bedroom where Mark Frost’s grandmother originally told Mark and his brother Scott the “ghost story” of Hazel Drew. The film will open with a reenactment of this event.

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1908 Kitchen Interior

I’m realistic in thinking that such a room doesn’t exist unless it’s in a museum, but you never know.  So, if you know where I can find something like this – I’m all ears.

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Logging road or wide trail to play as a Taborton Road in 1908

Below is a shot of Taborton Rd around 1900. I’m looking for a wagon road with a cow fence and pasture to play as Taborton Road 1908. The scene we’re shooting will be an extension of the Hazel Drew ghost story, told to young Mark Frost by his grandmother Betty Calhoun.

Hazel’s murder became a local ghost story and was based on a real event involving two young men walking on Taborton Road in the dark, and upon hearing a crying in the woods they fled, fearing it was the ghost of Hazel looking for the man who killed her.

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