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Reenactment Props & Wardrobe Needed

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Wooden boat – 1870 – 1910

There are two places I hope to use a boat like this.

Crystal Lake was located a few hundred yards from the Averill Park Trolley. The postcard with boats on the dock shows Crystal Lake. This spot was known for renting boats for leisure time on the lake. Like the photo below. I’d like to represent that activity and already have a boathouse I can use. All I need is the boat.

The other place I may use such a boat is for a reenactment on Snyders Lake where Hazel had an encounter with the love-struck “KnapKin Knight”

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Oak Desk  circa – 1870 – 1910

I could use any office furniture from this time period. This would be used in District Attorney, Jarvis O’Brian’s office.

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Wooden office chairs – 1870 – 1910


Cabinet for Office

Bookshelf for office

Typewriter (Working or Not)

Old Books for Office

Automobile 1900 – 1908 (Running or not)

I need a touring car and a car for Jarvis O’Brien. I could use the same car. It doesn’t need to run but ideally, it’s from 1908 or before. I could even use part of a car and place it in the foreground of the shot.

The historians will hate me but I’d even consider something as late as 1912.

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Oct 1908: Ford introduces the 4-cylinder 20-horsepower open-top one-color Model T for $825



Horse and buggy

Hazel took more than one mysterious ride with her Minnie Taylor and unnamed men. Why Minnie became so secretive about these rides and the men they were with is a mystery I want the audience to contemplate. So, this is a very important item to obtain.

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Hazel Drew Horse & Buggy


Horse & Plow

Hazel spent time as a girl on a farm and I’d like to illustrate the farm life. A man, a horse, and a working plow are one of those shots that say old school farming.

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