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1800’s Village Location Scout

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These are a series of photos taken as part of a location scout for "Who Killed Hazel Drew" We will be shooting at this location sometime between Saturday, August 4th - Sunday, August 12th. If you'd like to be an extra or have a horse and wagon, bicycle or auto made before 1908 please send an

Troy NY, A City Booming With Opportunity & Danger

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https://vimeo.com/269081937 Things were becoming increasingly tense at the Taylor farm. The house was crowded and arguments between Willam Taylor an John Drew were frequent. Unlike Hazel’s older brother Joseph, who was earning his keep as a farm hand, Hazel now out of school - was a financial burden. 1902 was the start of a new century, simple farm-life was giving way to a

Documentary Project Update – May 2018

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I started this project in June of 2017 with the idea that this would be a short made-for-television documentary. I figured I'd tell the story through interviews and old photographs. It would be an intriguing, informative piece. That was before I really understood the bigger story. Things changed when I read Ron Hughes book and when I

Extras Needed for Reenactment Shooting

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We're shooting multiple reenactment scenes during the summer and early fall of 2018. In addition to our main actors, we're looking for background extras and bites parts. Detectives and the District Attorney questioned numerous people while trying to untangle the Hazel Drew murder. We will be going to multiple locations reenacting some of these situations during the summer of 2018. These

Reenactment Locations Needed

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Here's a list of locations and short descriptions of how they will be used in the film. I'm hoping to find close to Averill Park NY District Attorney Jarvis O'Brien's office was located in the Rensselaer County Court House. It likely had large windows, large wooden doors, wainscot panels halfway up its plaster walls. I've found two

Reenactment Props & Wardrobe Needed

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There are two places I hope to use a boat like this. Crystal Lake was located a few hundred yards from the Averill Park Trolley. The postcard with boats on the dock shows Crystal Lake. This spot was known for renting boats for leisure time on the lake. Like the photo below. I'd like to represent that

Crew Needed for Reenactment Shooting 2018

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Yes, we need a crew! I'm looking for a few experienced crew members and passionate people looking for experience. Beware, this a self-funded, independent film project! Those of you who are experienced realize this means I don't much money. But, I do have the ability to bring experienced people in where I need them and schedule accordingly.