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Photos and Illustrations of The Sand Lake Area 1860 – 1910

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Sand Lake and the surrounding area was a resort destination for people from Troy & Albany. The Hudson River, the railway and a trolley that traveled from Troy’s Union Station to Averill Park made Sand Lake easy to get to. People from all over came to enjoy the fresh air, hotels, water recreation.

Sand Lake was also known for its farming, charcoal and lumber industry.

I’d like to represent these attributes of the Sand Lake region as a part of Hazel’s story.

To do that I’d like to have the best photos and illustrations of the area. Especially photos of the old hotels, landscape, farms, mills, and recreation. I’m interested in anything from approximately 1870 – 1910.

I’d love to get photos showing the hotels, streets buildings, recreation, and farming. If you have such photos please reach out to me through the contact link below.

I would scan the photos and leave the originals as well as a digital copy with you could share with others.

Please click here to contact us.

Here are a few I’ve already collected.

Averill Park Hotel

Averill Park Trolley Stop

Trolley at Averill Park Station - Near 1908 Teal Pond Murder of Hazel Drew

Crapes Store – Sand Lake

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