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Extras Needed for Reenactment Shooting

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We’re shooting multiple reenactment scenes during the summer and early fall of 2018. In addition to our main actors, we’re looking for background extras and bites parts.

People Questioned

Detectives and the District Attorney questioned numerous people while trying to untangle the Hazel Drew murder. We will be going to multiple locations reenacting some of these situations during the summer of 2018. These roles will be nonspeaking and will include:

  • Famers ( Men and Women 35 – 75 years old)
  • Hazel’s past employers (Men and Women 40 – 60 years old)
  • Townspeople (Men and Women 20 – 60 years old)

Fourteen to Seventeen-Year-Old Boys

We need a total of four young men who found Hazel’s body in the pond. This will be a one-day outdoor shoot taking place in June or July 2018. These are non-speaking roles.

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