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Hazel Drew Murder – Interview with Kathy T. Sheehan – Why were 10,000 women coming to Troy, New York?

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In this interview Rensselaer County and Troy City Historian, Kathy T. Sheehan sheds light on who killed Hazel Drew. Kathy sheds light on what it was like to move within the power circles of Troy, New York.

Interview with Rensselaer County Historian Kathy T. Sheehan

By 1860 Troy was one of the wealthiest cities in the nation. It still has some of the finest 19th century architecture in the US, as well as a very large & concentrated selection of Tiffany Windows. Troy was also a big employer of women. Some like Hazel Drew left the family farm and found employment as domestic servants, others worked long days for little money for companies like the Cluett Peabody & Company. In it’s prime Cluett Peabody & Company employed 10,000 women.

In 1902 the young and beautiful Hazel Drew found employment working for Troy City Treasurer, Thomas Hislop. Six years prior to her murder Hazel worked for some of Troy’s most powerful and wealthy families. But, in the the spring of 1908 things changed. Hazel began spending money beyond her means and on July 11th was found  face down, dead in Teal Pond.

Many think her dearth can be traced back to her work as a domestic servant. Haze’s first employer Thomas Hislop, later faced embezzlement charges and her second employer  John H. Tupper  a wealthy coal merchant and   unsuccessful Republican candidate for Troy mayor in 1897.

Why, at fourteen years old did Hazel Drew leave her family?

We don’t know why Hazel left her family and the Taylor farm at fourteen years old. It could have been the beginning of the full family exit. It could have been Hazel’s idea and desire to strike out on her own. In this interview Rensselaer county historian Kathy Sheehan explains why coming to a wealthy city like Troy New York can be an opportunity laced with danger.

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You can learn more about Troy, New York (The Home of Uncle Sam)  and Historian Kathy T Sheehan at The Rensselaer County Historical Society.

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  • mary ann sirtori January 8, 2018, 7:02 am

    Can they dig up body remands and do DNA testing after 100 years

  • John January 8, 2018, 1:22 pm

    Hey Mary,
    That would be a big undertaking and without a DNA database to match to a suspect I’m not sure it would result in any new evidence. If someone did decide to do it I would definitely put it in the documentary. Thanks for reaching out!

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