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Hazel Drew was Going To New York

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The following is from the Albany, Times Union, July 18 edition.

Miss Mary Robinson Spoke With Hazel

That Hazel Drew intended going to New York on Monday, July 6, has been told District Attorney Jarvis P. O’Brien.

Miss Mary Robinson, of Bedford Street, today told the district attorney that she met Hazel in the Troy Union Station between 11:20 and 11:30, Monday morning, July 6. She said she had her suitcase with her and acted as if she were expecting someone. “She asked me where I was going.” And I told her my destination.

Then I asked her where she was going and she said, “Oh, down the river.” This was so evasive that I asked her where she was going down the river and she said “perhaps as far as New York.” Just then a train was called and Hazel went to the ticket window and bought the ticket then went out to the train shed.” 

The only train that leaves Troy that hour of the day is the Albany local. It’s just barely possible that Hazel came to Albany and intended to meet someone here. She has relatives in Rensselaer and it might also have been that she intended calling upon them. But she didn’t, she undoubtedly came to Albany. What caused her to change her plans is something of an additional mystery. The next herd of Hazel is in the Troy Union Station 1:15 O’clock that afternoon, at that time she didn’t have her suitcase with her and she gave directions to have her trunk taken from the home of Prof. Carey to her parent’s house on fourth street. 

Three Times At Union Station

Troy Union Station - Who Killed Hazel Drew - The Real Murder That Inspired Twin Peaks
Union Station, Troy NY

Hazel could have come to Albany and failing to meet the person whom she knew or expected to meet she might have taken the 12:30 local from this city back to Troy or she might have gone up by trolley. But what she did with her suitcase on that day is still a matter of speculation. A gap comes in her movements after 1:15 o’clock that afternoon of July 6 for not until the next day did anyone see her. Just why she was about union station so much is something that has authorities guessing. For the next afternoon, she went to the Union Station and has her suitcase checked there.

These things point to the fact that Hazel Drew contemplated going out of town but where and with whom the authorities are as much in the dark as ever. 

Seen on Trolly to Averill Park

Peter Cipperly, an aged man this morning went to District Attorney O’Brien with what looks like important information and his story may eventually be of great value. Mr. Cipperly who is a farmer and lives at Snyders Lake, says that he boarded in Averill Park car at Albia about 3 o’clock, the afternoon of July 7. His attention was attracted to young woman and a youth of about 19 for 20 years of age sitting ahead of him. He couldn’t get a good view of the young woman’s face, but the pictures shown him of Hazel Drew caused him to think that the young woman he saw that day was none other than she. 

Averill Park Trolley - Who Killed Hazel Drew - The Real Life Murder that Inspired Twin Peaks
Averill Park Trolley – Who Killed Hazel Drew – The Real Murder That Inspired Twin Peaks

The young man with her was tall, slim build and had an intelligent face. He was very attentive to the young woman, Mr. Cipperly said and never took his eyes off her. Mr. Cipperly couldn’t give much of an idea as to what kind of clothes the young woman wore, but when he was shown Hazel’s hat he said it resembled one which she held in her lap. District Attorney O’Brien thought this information was so important that he at once started his detectives at work to rundown it Is possible clue.

What does William Taylor know? Why is Smith Telling Such Stories?

But as the days go by and the different theories are taken up and thrashed over they all get back to: What does William Taylor, the girls uncle know? Or why is Smith telling such stories?

If Cipperly is right in his conjecture that the girl was Hazel, then it perhaps takes these two out of the case and shows that Hazel was going to Averill Park with a young man for an afternoon’s outing. Yet no one has come forward who says he saw her at the park that afternoon and both Smith and Rudolph Gundrum, the charcoal peddler, say they saw her walking in the direction of her uncle’s farm about 7 o’clock that night.

Hazel’s Family Have Suspicions

That Hazel’s family have suspicions of who the murderer is has been told to a number of people by members of the family. The person under suspicion is a near relative they cannot account for this relative’s actions during the entire mystery. However, they have not communicated their ideas to the district attorney. Mr. O’Brien today said that he did not know when the inquest will be held, for he can see no use of holding one until the inquest can show who killed Hazel Drew.

Had Love Affair – Engagement Was Bitter 

That Hazel Drew had a love affair was admitted by her father today. He said a couple of years ago the girl was engaged to a man, but the later married another woman and he had heard Hazel speak of the man after that.

“Hazel to my knowledge has not had a beau for more than a year” said Mrs. Drew. 

I asked her recently “Haven’t you got a fellow yet Hazel?” And she replied “No I don’t care for one. If I got one some other girl would cut me out.” Hazel then referred to her last love affair with a man who stopped calling on her when she became ill with the grip a year ago last spring and married another girl.”

 (Note – Engagement would have been end of 1906 into spring of 1907)

Looking for Dentist

The district attorney is looking for a Troy dentist whom Mrs. Mina Jones of Waterville Maine, had said had made a proposal to the girl. Mrs. Carey, who employed Hazel, today said that several months ago Hazel said she had an appointment with a dentist to have some work done at night. Mrs. Carey declared that she told Hazel she would not countenance such a thing and since then she had heard nothing of it. 

Today Dr. Edward Knauff, a dentist at 49 3rd St. And who enjoys a good reputation, also being married, said that he had done some work for Hazel several months ago.” About two months ago,” said Dr. Knauff, “she called my office with another girl and asked if I would make an appointment to do some work for her in the evening I told her I never work evenings and she went out and did not return.”

Carrie Weaver’s Statement

Miss Carrie Weaver, a chum of the murdered girl Hazel Drew, and who is visiting relatives in this city, can throw no light on the tragedy nor has she any theory as to whom is its perpetrator. In an interview with the young lady she said that the first information she had as to the tragedy was contained a newspaper story.

“Why anyone should have killed Hazel,” said Miss Weaver, “Is more than I can imagine, for she never had an enemy as far as I know.. I can give no theory and offer no solution of the crime. Last February I went to stay at Mrs. A.M. Greene in south Troy. This was about four blocks from Hazel’s place of employment, at prof. Cary’s. From the time we met we began to chum together. She was exceedingly fine girl, good habits, on this end of nice appearance. She was a blonde. The Carys always seem to think much of her, as did everyone in the neighborhood.”

Carrie Tells of New York Trip & More

“How about the trip you and Hazel took to New York?” Was asked.

“Hazel by way of the river to New York, Memorial day. We had never seen the city in always wanted to. We had intended staying at the Margaret Louise home but it being full we stayed at a private boarding house, recommended by the people at the home. We return the following Monday. The trip was made by ourselves, no other person whatever being with us. 

After I return to Troy, things of course went along as usual between girl chums. We were together much of the time. We sometimes went out at night, but always came in early. 

Hazel was not a girl to run around much and never had a sweetheart. If she had, I think I would have known about it, for she made a confidant of me. The last I saw her was Friday night before the fourth. 

At this time she told me that she was going to Lake George to spend Sunday. I think she went with some of the girls. I never saw her after that, for I came away on the following Monday. My three weeks vacation started then, and I came down to New Carlisle, where I have friends. While they’re I got a letter from Mrs. Greene, saying that Hazel, had left the Carey’s. 

She said she did not know the reason. The letter was written Sunday night and she had got her information through the neighborhood talk. I have not heard from Troy since I sent Hazel a postcard from New Carlisle but, poor girl, I suppose she never got it. My vacation will be up in three days and I will go back to Greene’s again.” 

Carrie Weaver

When asked if she was acquainted with or had ever heard the Drew girl mention either Rudolph Gundrum or Frank Smith, Miss Weaver declared her ignorance of knowing either party.

“The papers say,” said Miss Weaver.“ that Hazel is supposed to have been on the way toward the home of an uncle when she met her death. Why she was out where she was I cannot say as I am unfamiliar with the lay of the land about Troy. If she had an uncle there I never knew it, but she never talked to me of any of her folks.”

Carrie Weaver
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    Hi John,
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