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Hazel Drew Film Update -Feb 2019

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  • When will this film be complete?
  • Is there more shooting to be done?
  • Have any new clues emerged?

I dive into these topics during my latest video update. Feel free to comment or ask questions below.

Full Transcription

Hey guys, gals. John Holser here at Who killed Hazel Drew. I wanted to give you an update and let you know where things are at. I should’ve done this a while ago. A few people gave me a hard time, saying how come we haven’t heard anything. I’m sorry, as soon as we finished the fundraiser & preview I put my head down and got back to work, which is my tendency but it should be. 

Past Preview & Fundraiser

 That’s why I’m here. So, the first thing that I wanted to say thank you for anybody that was able to come through the preview and fundraiser. It was a local preview fundraiser, we had a full house, and I got a lot of great feedback as a matter fact some of that feedback is being integrated into what we’re doing right now doing right now and some of the work moving forward. So, thank you very much! 

1908 Newspaper Collection

The fundraising went well and we did raise a portion of the finishing funds. So, thank you very much. Right after the fundraiser what I did is I dove into, really deep the newspapers from 1908. I did transcriptions actually, on over 35 articles, so it was arduous and it actually did take me two months, but the great news is I created a table of contents and document and it’s all the newspapers transcribed and easily clickable and thats helping me as I’m going to edit and doing the writing. I’m also going to make it available for folks if they want the collection. It’s almost like a book.  So that’s going to be available for anyone who wants to do a deep dive into this.  This thing is going to be really, really essential and convenient. It took a lot of work and I’m going to be giving it away for donation so stay tuned about that. 

Feedback was Helpful

I’m taking some of the feedback from the preview and the fundraiser to make some slight structural changes to the Hazel Drew film. I am definitely going to be using the cold case murder structure for this film. That may or may not mean anything to you but I got feedback from folks and they really wanted information, they wanted details about what happened and when, early on, so they can be part of the investigation. It’s a little bit subtle but I wanted to let you know, those of you that gave me that feedback. Thank you and it’s being integrated so if you do you have anything to say about the murder, about the film, about your ideas, feel free because I’m listening for sure.

Something To Be Proud Of

 Finally, I’m looking at finishing the film this summer. It’s an independent. It’s self-financed with some fundraising, so what we can do without a studio breathing down my neck is we can go a little bit slower. It’s now been a little over two years and it’s time and were ready. We got a couple days left of shooting some details to bring this thing up to that next level and I want to make sure It’s the kind of film that I’m going to be proud of, something that’s going to be entertaining, it’s going to be engaging and something you’re going to want to share with your friends. If anybody is chomping at the bit and hoping that it will be done sooner, I’m sorry but we will have something this summer.

Additional Shooting This Summer

Other than that, just feel free to say hi, give us the words of encouragement. We’ll be doing a little shooting this summer so keep an eye out for that. And if you want more updates or you want to know something, just ask – because the more I hear from you the more that I will take a few minutes and I’ll put these things together. It takes a little bit more than a few minutes you know maybe an afternoon or a day to edit something together, but it’s important. Especially if you guys tell me that you want it.  So thanks for your support. I will be talking to you soon. 

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  • Debra Wolff February 25, 2019, 4:22 am

    I posted a picture of Hazel Drew’s family on Ancestry.com. I didn’t know if you wanted to include that. Also, I read the book “Who Killed Hazel Drew” and the big question I had was where was Hazel’s hat made? Did the police track down who bought it?

    • John March 5, 2019, 11:46 pm

      Hi Debra, I’d love to see that photo. As per where did she get the hat – I haven’t seen any information on that. Thanks for checking in.

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