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David Bushman – Discovering Hazel Drew

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In this video, “Twin Peaks FAQ” author, David Bushman shares how he first learned of Hazel Drew Twin Peaks connection from the series co-creator, Mark Frost. Marks  casual reference  to Hazel as the inspiration behDavid Bushmanind Laura Palmer was enough to get David digging for more.

David also makes an interesting connection between Hazel Drew and Marilyn Monroe and the 1987 Lynch / Frost project – Goddess.

This video is one in a series of prelaunch, behind the scene excerpts.  This and the other videos will take you deeper into the murder mystery and invite you to explore the connection between Hazel Drew, Twin Peaks and Laura Palmer.

Deer Meadow Radion Podcast

I’ve embedded Deer Meadow radio podcast below. In this, podcast creator, Mark Given’s takes us on his passionate journey, as he uncovered the real life Laura Palmer.

Mark Givens gets into Hazel Drew connection around fourteen minutes into the podcast.

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