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Should I Make this Documentary?

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Every idea and any project should be properly vetted before jumping in. This video reflects that evaluation process in a very preliminary and raw form. I'm at the wishy washy stage and wondering if should I make this documentary? Last time that I undertook a big project I promised myself that I was going to be

Documentary Project Update and Peek Into the Movie Trailer – December, 2017

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After months of shooting I'm finally editing and working on the "Who Killed Hazel Drew"documentary project trailer and story structure. This will be the first of a series of project updates. https://vimeo.com/245442880 2017 - I began shooting this documentary less then one month from learning of the connection between Hazel Drew's murder and Twin Peaks world famous main character Laura Palmer.

Behind the Scenes – A Docudrama in the Making

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Hazel Drew Unfolding Documentary

Why is documentary filmmaking so difficult? And, why did I decide to devote what will likely turn out to be three years to making this one? The easy answer is "it's a good story." Hazel Drew was an ambitious farm girl trying to find her way in a city drunk on wealth, power and opportunity.