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Teal Pond Murder Grabs The Nation's Attention

Twin Peaks Connection

During a Twin Peaks reunion at the College of Southern California, the television series' co-creator, Mark Frost, mentioned Hazel. He said her murder had inspired the Twin Peaks character named Laura Palmer, the young woman whose body was found on a Washington lake shore in the television series. Mark also mentioned that Hazel’s story came to

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Sand Lake Connection

Sand Lake is an area blessed with beautiful lakes, rolling hills, creeks, waterfalls, small mountains and plenty of timber. In many ways it resembles New York's Adirondack Park. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, Sand Lake became a premier destination for those who could afford a vacation in the country. According to census records, Sand Lake's full-time residents

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A Ghost in the Woods

Early on July 6th, 1908, a day before Hazel Drew was murdered, Mrs. Edward Cary, wife of Rensselaer Polytechnic Professor Edward Cary, asked her governess to do the laundry. The job of the governess doesn't typically involve laundry, that was the job of a domestic servant. So without notice, the governess quit. She packed her things

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Hazel Drew Unfolding Documentary

The Unfolding Documentary

What if, by making a documentary, we (we meaning all of us) could uncover additional clues sufficient to answer a few key questions concerning "Who Killed Hazel Drew?" Some say the investigation is only two questions away from solving the murder. How did she get from Troy, NY to Sand Lake, NY? Where did she

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